Sunday 7 December 2014

Govan Fitting-Out Basin

Just downstream of the dry docks at Govan is a wet dock which was used as a fitting-out basin. (New ships would be constructed in a dry dock until they were complete enough to be launched; other work on the ship, such as interior fittings, could then be done in a wet dock).

Whilst I've been photographing around the dry docks over the last few weeks I've not been paying much attention to the area around the wet dock. But when I went down there on Friday evening, contractors had almost completed clearing all the trees from the wet dock area. And immediately I regretted not having put more effort into documenting that part of the site.

So this is just a splurge of the photos that I have taken of the wet dock area without a whole lot of commentary.

Mid-November 2014: lots of vegetation around the wet dock basin.

Remains of buildings

More building remains.

This used to be a fording point of the river; Highlanders would bring their cattle down the droving roads and cross the Clyde here to come ashore at Govan for market.

Cobbles over the old drovers road route; trees starting to be cleared.

Trees cleared at the fording point.

The wet dock with all trees cleared.

Looking in to the wet dock from the entrance, downstream side.

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