Wednesday 1 January 2014

Campsie Glen

The Campsie Fells are a range of low hills just north of Glasgow. I've spent a lot of time walking in them since I moved here, but for some reason I've never walked up to the lower waterfalls in Campsie Glen.

I've almost been there, having photographed the old burial ground of St Machan's Church. But never wandered further up the trail.
There's a car park and a good track and it's a trivially easy walk - good for even the laziest of walkers; and it's a wee hidden gem with a string of small and larger waterfalls where the Alvain Burn and Aldessan Burn flow into the Kirk Burn.



  1. The photos look great, you really captured the winter light. I love the way the water looks, I wish I had enquired more about your technique, your patience has really paid off! With a 6 year old I just have to snap and run, though he's used to me lying on the ground to photograph a mushroom or something

    1. I'm lucky to only have to worry about a couple of cats. So long as I eventually come home and feed them, they're happy for me to take as long as I want :-)

      Have you tried giving the youngster a camera of their own? A friend has a 7-yr old who's astonishingly keen on photography (and she's not half bad, too!)